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Jan Philip Roothaan, SJ Archive

Identifier: GTM-GAMMS170
Collection-level Scope and Content Note The Jan Philip Roothaan, S.J. Archive consists of correspondence, mainly from Jan Philip Roothaan, S.J. to his family in Amsterdam. The letters are arranged in 170 folders contained in three boxes. The letters contained in the Jan Philip Roothaan, S.J. Archive are of great interest to those investigating the personal and family life of the General of the Society of Jesus. A vast majority of the letters are from Jan Philip to his father, Mathias, and his brother, Albert, half in...
Dates: 1804 - 1852

Thomas F. Mulledy, SJ Papers

Identifier: GTM-GAMMS26
Scope and Contents This collection consists of papers documenting the spiritual ministry and correspondence of Thomas Mulledy from the time of his entry in the Society of Jesus in 1815 until his death in 1860. The papers include sermons, 1829-1860; discourses, exercises, instructions, and lectures, 1834-1860; mass intentions, 1824-1860; and verses, 1817-1859. They also include two manuscripts: "Liber Manualis Sacerdotum" ("Priest's Manual"), 1815-1828, and "Vade Mecum" ("Go With Me"), 1815-1822....
Dates: 1815 - 1860; Majority of material found within 1840 - 1860

Mission Superiors (3 of 6), 1821-11-05 - 1834-12-31

 File — Box: 20, Folder: 3
Identifier: 119_93_4
Scope and Contents Contains 4 AMs copies from Francis Dzierozynski to Father General spanning 1/6/1822-circa 12/31/1835 (reports on Frederick Novitiate); 4 ALS from Fortis to A. Kohlmann spanning 11/5/1821-2/25/1824 (8/13/1823 letter announces Dzierozynski's appointment as Superior); ALS from Fortis to Dzierozynski 5/4/1822; ALS from Fortis to A. Kohlmann 1/9/1822, 2/2/1822; from Fortis to C. Neale 5/4/1822, 7/30/1822, 11/9/1822, 11/28/1822 (includes decretum re relations between See of Baltimore and Jesuits...
Dates: 1821-11-05 - 1834-12-31

Mission Superiors (5 of 6), 1826-06-27-1829-11-21

 File — Box: 20, Folder: 5
Identifier: 119_93_6
Scope and Contents Contains ALS from Fortis to Pietro Caprano 6/27/1826; from Fortis to Dzierozynski 9/18/1826; ALS from Dzierozynski to Fortis 1/29/1827; ALS from Maximilian Rantzau to Dzierozynski 7/19/1827; 5 ALS from Fortis to Dzierozynski spanning 1/23/1827-7/20/1828; ALS from Vincent Pavani to Dzierozynski 2/12/1829, 3/28/1829; ALS from Fortis to Dzierozynski 1/6/1829; ALS from Thomas Glover to Dzierozynski (plus postscript from Dubuisson to Dzierozynski) 2/28/1829 with news of Fortis' death; (Missing:...
Dates: 1826-06-27-1829-11-21

Mission Superiors (2 of 6), 1814-01-25-1822-07-06

 File — Box: 20, Folder: 2
Identifier: 119_93_3
Scope and Contents Contains ALS from Brzozowski to Grassi: 1/25/1814, 5/10/1814, 5/25/1814, 7/10/1814, 9/11/1814 (re relation of Georgetown to the Society), 12/20/1814; from Brzozowski to Leonard Neale 5/10/1814; from Brzozowski to Grassi 11/18/1815, 1/10/1815, 10/22 Sept 1816, 3/15 May 1816 (tells of difficulties in Russia); from Brzozowski to Francis Dzierozynski 1/25/1817; from Brzozowski to Charles Neale 3/9/1819; from M. Petrucci to Peter Kenney 2/16/1820 requesting latter to come to Rome; from Luigi...
Dates: 1814-01-25-1822-07-06

Francis Dzierozynski, S.J. (56 of 69), 1829-03-06-1829-04-30

 File — Box: 6, Folder: 10
Identifier: 119_63_6
Scope and Contents Contains ALS: from Wm. Merrick to Dzierozynski on bond of Eleanore Thompson 3/6/1829; from Bp Dubois to Dzierozynski on Jesuit applying to be in NY 3/12/1829; from Lekeu to Dzierozynski asking that novice be sent back to Conewago for health reasons 3/27/1829; from Beschter to F. Neale on Mrs. Margaret Fenwick making over to F. Neale deed of land near Georgetown, recommendation that heirs of Bennett Abell do the same 3/27/1829; from Dzierozynski to McElroy on misc. 3/30/1829; from Abp...
Dates: 1829-03-06-1829-04-30

Pise: Passports, calling cards (Paris 1838), certificates., 08/07/1821-07/25/1842

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 2
Identifier: 19185
Series-level Scope and Content Note From the Series:

Letters received and sent, several passports, misc. manuscripts, a diary for one year, and misc. printed matter.

Dates: 08/07/1821-07/25/1842

Francis Dzierozynski, S.J. (10 of 69), 1824-08-13-1824-10-30

 File — Box: 4, Folder: 10
Identifier: 119_60_4
Scope and Contents Contains ALS: from Wm. Mullen to E. Fenwick on misc. finances 10/1/1824; copy of letter of dismissal from Fortis, SJ to Thomas Levins 10/9/1824; from Beschter to Dzierozynski on visit of Lafayette to Baltimore 10/10/1824; from Abp Marechal to McElroy on request to copy painting 10/18/1824; from Fortis to Dzierozynski on personnel matters 10/18/1824; from Abp Marechal to Dzierozynski on relations between papacy and US Government 10/25/1824, on same 10/30/1824; from F. Neale to Dzierozynski on...
Dates: 1824-08-13-1824-10-30

January 15-31, 1565 - 1967

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 2
Scope and Contents Jesuit obituaries: John McElroy (1894), John F. Mahan (1885), John T. Kuhlmann (1887), Patrick H. Toner (1887), Daniel A. Doherty (1901), Aloysius Roth (1904), Leonard Lessius (1623), Edward D. Boone (1916), Joseph Hanselman (1923), William H. Judge (1899), Martin de Lyonne (1661), Michael Tüffer (1873), Edmund McFadden (1863), Benedict Sestini (1890), Basil Haefely (1897), James Alvarez de Paz (1620), Aemilius de Augustinis (1897), Joseph West (1841), Thomas Haggerty (1887), Anthony Maria...
Dates: 1565 - 1967

Obituaries, Eulogies, and Necrologies (2 of 2), 1823 - 1887

 File — Box: 191, Folder: 2
Identifier: 119_84_3
Scope and Contents Eulogies, necrologies, and obituaries for non-members of the province:Contains PRN Liber suffragiorum ab anno 1823; ALS letter ordering suffrages for King Ferdinand of Both Sicilies April 26, 1825; ALS letter ordering same for Archduke of Austria April 30, 1846; several ALS ordering suffrages 1850; AMs sketch of life and death of Luigi Fortis, SJ (four copies plus PRN picture) ca. 1829; AMs notice for Jan Roothan, SJ ca. 1853; PRN notice necrologique Pierre-Jean (Pieter) Beckx SJ...
Dates: 1823 - 1887

Mission Superiors (6 of 6), 1829-07-25-1831-12-20

 File — Box: 20, Folder: 6
Identifier: 119_93_7
Scope and Contents Contains ALS small sheet undated; 9 ALS from Roothaan to Dzierozynski spanning 7/25/1829-11/20/1830 (includes copy of Fortis' "De novis Opinionibus in Philosophia" 10/4/1823 with Roothaan's postscript, plus letter of 5/4/1830 describing caliber of student body at Georgetown); ALS from Roothaan to Peter Kenney 7/3/1830; 3 ALS from Roothaan to Thomas Mulledy spanning 5/1/1830-10/22/1831; 4 ALS from Roothaan to Dzierozynski spanning 1/18/1831-12/21/1831; 2 ALS from Roothaan to Kenney spanning...
Dates: 1829-07-25-1831-12-20

Mission Superiors / Maryland Provincials (4 of 5), 1824-08-25-1855-01-10

 File — Box: 20, Folder: 10
Identifier: 119_12_7
Scope and Contents Items include: Encyclical letter (1824) of Luigi Fortis, S.J., [Father General]; Memorandum (Oct. 27, 1833) from Thomas Mulledy, S.J., re: the Propagation of Faith of Lyons; Encyclical Letter (1840) of Jan Roothaan, S.J., [Father General]; Instructio pro dispersis Patribus et Fratribus (1848) of Jan Roothaan; letter (Jan. 10, 1855) from Peter Beckx, S.J., [Father General] pertaining to the doctrines and conduct adopted by the Society with relation to different forms of political...
Dates: 1824-08-25-1855-01-10

Congregation of Provincials, Circulars (1 of 9), 1825-11-07-1859-12-27

 File — Box: 24, Folder: 4
Identifier: 119_122_1
Scope and Contents Contains general communications from Fortis, Roothan, and Beckx. Includes: list of days of confession and communion for Society 11/7/1825; Encyclical letter of Roothan re renunciation of goods 7/28/1847; declaration on teaching of classics 5/1/1852; declaration on curriculum 9/2/1854; declaration on official position of Society regarding secular politics 1/10/1855; declaration of remembrances on occasion of death of Ferdinand II of Sicily 6/14/1859.**Former finding aid locations:...
Dates: 1825-11-07-1859-12-27

Francis Dzierozynski, S.J. (20 of 69), 1825-10-08-1825-12-25

 File — Box: 4, Folder: 20
Identifier: 119_61_13
Scope and Contents Contains ALS: from Beschter to Dzierozynski on B. Fenwick and Marechal 11/10/1825, on same 11/16/1825, on news of death of Adam Marshall, SJ, on rumors of recall of Missouri mission 11/25/1825; to Dzierozynski 11/17/1825; from Fortis to Dubuisson appting latter Rector of Georgetown 12/17/1825; from V. Barber to Dzierozynski on possible location of Society school in New Hampshire 12/22/1825; from B. Fenwick to Dzierozynski on clergy needs of New Hampshire, riot in Boston 12/25/1825; to...
Dates: 1825-10-08-1825-12-25

Maryland Provincials (2 of 21), 1832-06-02-1835-06-11

 File — Box: 21, Folder: 2
Identifier: 119_93_8
Scope and Contents Contains ALS from Roothaan to: Mulledy 6/2/1832; Kenney 1/7/1832, 1/20/1833; Mulledy 12/19/1833; Wm. McSherry 7 ALS spanning 6/18/1833-8/23/1834; Mulledy 6/11/1835.Contains ALS small sheet undated; 9 ALS from Roothaan to Dzierozynski spanning 7/25/1829-11/20/1830 (includes copy of Fortis' "De novis Opinionibus in Philosophia" 10/4/1823 with Roothaan's postscript, plus letter of 5/4/1830 describing caliber of student body at Georgetown); ALS from Roothaan to Peter Kenney 7/3/1830; 3 ALS from...
Dates: 1832-06-02-1835-06-11

Anthony Kohlmann, S.J. (11 of 11), 1821-05-09-1821-07-02

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 11
Identifier: 119_59_3
Scope and Contents Contains ALS: decree from Luigi Fortis, SJ on conditions for ordination 5/9/1821; AMsS Grassi's draft of money for scholastics in Italy 5/12/1821; from Grassi to Marshall refuting charges of misuse of Georgetown money, mentions gift of astronomical instruments 5/12/1821; from Beschter to F. Neale on dedication of Baltimore Cathedral 5/14/1821, on same and Philadelphia property 6/5/1821; from DeBarth to Marshall on title to St. Joseph's, deeding of St. Mary's to Corp 5/17/1821, on same...
Dates: 1821-05-09-1821-07-02

Charles Neale, S.J. (4 of 7), 1822-05-04-1822-06-29

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 15
Identifier: 119_60_15
Scope and Contents Contains ALS: from Fortis to Philip Sacchi, SJ on latter's examination 5/4/1822; from C. Neale to Marshall on debt of White Marsh, economies needed there, election of trustees 5/4/1822, on assignment 5/7/1822, on debts, need to halt book purchases for Washington Seminary 5/18/1822, debts of Washington Seminary, White Marsh 6/4/1822, ordination of V. Barber 6/11/1822; from Dzierozynski to Cary on Grassi's fortunes in Italy, Jesuits in Russia 5/21/1822; from Bp John England of Charleston to B....
Dates: 1822-05-04-1822-06-29

Francis Dzierozynski, S.J. (50 of 69), 1828-07-17-1828-09-28

 File — Box: 6, Folder: 4
Identifier: 119_61_24
Scope and Contents Contains ALS: from McElroy to Dzierozynski on upcoming visit of Abp 9/1/1828; from Beschter to Dzierozynski on former's leaving congregation in Baltimore 9/3/1828; from Dubuisson to G. Fenwick on Mrs. Mattingly and return of Mulledy, McSherry, and Young to America 9/6/1828; from A. Kohlmann to Dzierozynski on disposition of church at Marlboro 9/13/1828; from Kohlmann to McElroy on growth of American missions 9/13/1828; from Kohlmann to Wm. McSherry wishing bon voyage to America 9/13/1824;...
Dates: 1828-07-17-1828-09-28

William McSherry, S.J. (14 of 16), 1836-07-12-1836-12-19

 File — Box: 8, Folder: 14
Identifier: 119_65_1
Scope and Contents Contains ALS: from Wm. McSherry to McElroy on procuring marble slabs for St. John's church in Frederick 7/12/1836; from Dzierozynski to G. Fenwick on misc. 7/15/1836; from Duchess Julie of Anhalt to Dubuisson with general news 7/30/1836; from Kenney to James McCarthy, SJ on initiation of Jamaica mission, state of Calcutta mission, flourishing of Belgian province 8/8/1836; from Beschter to a Fr. Leary complaining of ill health 8/11/1836; from Congregation of Paradise to Wm. McSherry asking...
Dates: 1836-07-12-1836-12-19