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Maritain, Raissa - "Divine Ways...Work of Saint Thomas Aquinas"., 01/01/1942-01/01/1942

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 46
Identifier: 56086
Series-level Scope and Content Note From the Series:

(Box 1, Folders 31-58) This series consists of material pertaining to Raissa and Jacques Maritain. Includes correspondence from Jacques Maritain to JKK, papers by various authors about the Maritains, and newsclippings about Jacques Maritain's death.

Dates: 01/01/1942-01/01/1942

McConville, Joseph, 1942, 1945

 File — Box: 120, Folder: data_value_missing_4f38170fd8f49144880714c1b88a8cf4
Scope and Contents From the Collection: The Quigley archive is, properly speaking, the photo “morgue” of Quigley Publications, active under various titles since 1915 in motion picture industry trade publishing (Motion Picture Herald, Motion Picture Daily, and others). Primarily an assemblage of publicity photos, the archive is a unique national resource for photographs of motion picture industry people: producers, directors, animators, and their colleagues. Actors and actresses figure less prominently, but are well represented...
Dates: 1942, 1945

April 1-15, 1640 - 1964

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 7
Scope and Contents Jesuit obituaries: Augustine Regnier (1883), Sebastian Huber (1920), Nicolas Russo (1902), Ignatius Brocard (1852), Michael A. McKey (1916), Matthew C. Sarbiewski (1640), William Smith (1853), Ambrose J. O'Connell (1897), Joseph Lambrigger (1850), John P. McCarthy (1878), Vincent C. Hopkins (1964), Daniel Lynch (1884), Peter de Vitry (1749), Leonard Nota (1870), James McCarthy (1880), George J. Krim (1920), Joseph Rimmele (1873), Francis E. Burke (1934), Jean B. Rene (1916), William H....
Dates: 1640 - 1964

December 1-15, 1634 - 1967

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 4
Scope and Contents Jesuit obituaries: Henry Graf (1927), Rudolph J. Meyer (1912), John Sumner (1880), Julius Pottgeiser (1894), Joseph Pirisi (1906), Edward H. Welch (1904), John del Carpio (1634), Thomas Slevin (1921), John Pierre Frieden (1911), Francis X. Talbot (1953), Edward Higgins (1902), James A. Rockliff (1926), Peter Paul Fitzpatrick (1886), Joseph J. McLoughlin (1953), Francis J. Berberich (1899), Paul Costano (1921), Michael Tomei (1850), James E. Conahan (1926), Edward O'Brien (1908), Peter Talbot...
Dates: 1634 - 1967

Katherine to Francis Biddle., 06/01/1946-06/30/1946

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 24
Identifier: 75086
Collection-level Scope and Content Note From the Collection: The Biddle Family letters comprise the third part of the Biddle Family papers and is organised into three series: 1. Francis Biddle and Katherine Biddle correspondence exchanged between 1912 and 1968. Of particular interest are the very early "courtship" letters from Katherine Biddle before her marriage to Francis Biddle; and the correspondence (primarily from her) sent in late 1945 to 1946 when Francis Biddle served on the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg. ...
Dates: 06/01/1946-06/30/1946

Theodore J. C. Heavner., 01/01/1955-12/31/1980

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 118
Identifier: GAMMS414.1.118
Series-level Scope and Content Note From the Series:

Only one series.

Dates: 01/01/1955-12/31/1980

Bonbright, James Cowles Hart (Ambassador)., 01/01/1927-12/31/1965

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 54
Identifier: GAMMS2.2.666
Series-level Scope and Content Note From the Series:

Dates: 01/01/1927-12/31/1965

Niles W. Bond., 01/01/1939-12/31/1969

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 132
Identifier: GAMMS414.1.132
Series-level Scope and Content Note From the Series:

Only one series.

Dates: 01/01/1939-12/31/1969

McCarger, James., 01/01/1942-12/31/1977

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 87
Identifier: GAMMS2.2.699
Series-level Scope and Content Note From the Series:

Dates: 01/01/1942-12/31/1977

Angelus M. Paresce, S.J. - Boston (19 of 33), 1862-01-08-1862-04-24

 File — Box: 19, Folder: 17
Identifier: 119_76_21
Scope and Contents Contains ALS to Paresce from: Bapst on misc. 1/8 & 26/1862, on Conewago Scholasticate 1/18/1862, on entrant into Society 3/26/1862; John Sumner, SJ on gathering financial accounts 1/10/1862; McElroy on Conewago Scholasticate 1/17/1862, on application for Boston College charter, on possibility of making Georgetown for Jesuits only (due to war) 2/6/1862, with thanks for loan 2/7/1862, on opening Boston College 4/21/1862; Robert Fulton, SJ on need for missions in Boston 3/18/1862 Also...
Dates: 1862-01-08-1862-04-24

Angelus M. Paresce, S.J. (1 of 33), 1862-01-14-1862-12-21

 File — Box: 18, Folder: 31
Identifier: 119_76_19
Scope and Contents Contains ALS to Paresce from: Barbelin on news from Philadelphia including disappointment with St. Joseph's select school, war gloom 9/4 & 25/1862; Cattani on difficulties regarding term of pew rents 2/21/1862, with list of debts of Enders and Gettysburg church 12/21/1862; Welsh regarding refusal of permission to stay with father in Boston 3/21/1862; James Clark, SJ on wish to buy farm adjoining Holy Cross College 2/7/1862, asking for personnel from Georgetown 9/4/1862, with statement of...
Dates: 1862-01-14-1862-12-21