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Jesuits -- Maryland Province -- Houses

Subject Source: Local sources

Found in 16 Collections and/or Records:

4. Records of the Houses, 1730-1982

Scope and Contents Series 4, the Records of the Houses, documents the development of parish life and the ministry of the Maryland Province among disparate communities in the mid-Atlantic region from the eighteenth century through the mid-twentieth century. The material in this series focuses primarily on Houses and their activities in the Washington, D.C. area, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Additional materials reflect House activity in Maine, Massachusetts, New York, and West Virginia. This series also...
Dates: 1730-1982

4.1 Alexandria, Georgetown, Washington, 1806 - 1960

Scope and Contents This subseries contains the records of Jesuit Houses located in Alexandria, Georgetown, and Washington, D.C. Materials include official House records such as the Litterae Annuae (annual letters), Historia Domus (House histories), and diaries, financial records, publications, newsclippings, and correspondence. The Jesuits residing in these Houses ministered to several disparate groups comprised of both the...
Dates: 1806 - 1960

4.2 Bohemia and St. Joseph's Church (Eastern Shore, Md.), 1840 - 1973

Scope and Contents This subseries contains records pertaining to the Jesuit Houses on Maryland's Eastern Shore, Bohemia and St. Joseph's Church. Materials include an announcement book (Bohemia), financial records and pew rent books, a sacramental register with notes on church attendance (St. Joseph’s Church), newsclippings, photographs, histories, and publications. In the eighteenth century, Jesuits established two Houses on the Eastern Shore of the Delmarva Peninsula: Bohemia in 1704 and St....
Dates: 1840 - 1973

4.3 Frederick (Frederick County, Md.), 1806 - 1964

Scope and Contents This subseries contains the records of the Jesuit House and Novitiate in Frederick, Maryland. Among the Records of the Houses, the Frederick subseries is distinctive, documenting both parish life and the considerable activities of the Novitiate. House materials include Litterae Annuae, Historia Domus, diaries, financial records, and correspondence. Novitiate records include announcement books, rule books, financial records,...
Dates: 1806 - 1964

4.4 White Marsh and Bowie (Prince George's County, Md.), 1818 - 1969

Scope and Contents This subseries contains records pertaining to the Jesuit Houses at White Marsh and Bowie in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Materials include diaries, announcement books, financial records, visitation memorials, correspondence, parishioner papers, photographs, manuscripts, and newsclippings. Of particular interest are White Marsh sacramental registers covering the years 1818 to 1897, which included bapitsmal, marriage, and burial records. Researchers should also note that 89 of the 272...
Dates: 1818 - 1969

4.5 LaPlata (Charles County, Md.), 1874 - 1966

Scope and Contents In 1926, the Maryland Province established its House at LaPlata, the capital of Charles County, Maryland, with the Church of the Sacred Heart as its seat. In 1966, the Jesuits transferred the parishes served by the LaPlata House to the Archdiocese of Washington. This subseries consists of Historia Domus, diaries, financial records, memorials of visitation, and historical notes and ephemera.The following churches were served by the House at LaPlata:- Sacred Heart Church...
Dates: 1874 - 1966

4.6 St. Thomas Manor (Charles County, Md.), 1788 - 1970

Scope and Contents This subseries contains records related to St. Thomas Manor, the Jesuit House in Charles County, Maryland. Materials include Litterae Annuae, Historia Domus, a sacramental register (recording baptisms, marriages, and burials), correspondence, House library lists, financial records, publications, histories, newsclippings, photographs, scrapbooks, and ephemera.Established in 1642, St. Thomas Manor is the only House in Southern Maryland still maintained by the Jesuits. It is also the...
Dates: 1788 - 1970

4.7 Chaptico (St. Mary's County, Md.), 1897 - 1970

Scope and Contents Subseries 4.7 contains records pertaining to the Jesuit House at Chaptico in St. Mary’s County, Maryland. Materials include Litterae Annuae, Historia Domus, diaries, announcement books, financial records, correspondence, census, newsclippings, photographs, and histories.The Chaptico House was established in St. Mary’s County, Maryland in 1914 at the head of the Wicomico River, bordering the area served by the Newtown House. Its initial seat was the chapel of Our Lady of Loretto;...
Dates: 1897 - 1970

4.8 Great Mills (St. Mary's County, Md.), 1927 - 1967

Scope and Contents Subseries 4.8 contains records pertaining to the Jesuit House at Great Mills in St. Mary’s County, Maryland. Materials include announcement books, Historia Domus, diaries, publications, scrapbooks, and photographs.In 1927, the Maryland Province established the Great Mills House at the Rectory of St. Regis, near the Church of the Holy Face in St. Mary’s County, Maryland. Like the priests stationed at other Jesuit Houses in St. Mary’s County, the priests of the Chaptico House...
Dates: 1927 - 1967

4.9 Newtown and Leonardtown (St. Mary's County, Md.), 1794 - 1982

Scope and Contents The records in this subseries pertain to the Jesuit House in St. Mary’s County, Maryland that was first known as Newtown (founded in 1662) and then as Leonardtown (when it was relocated to the town of the same name in 1868). This subseries includes Litterae Annuae and Historia Domus; Newtown House financial records, Newtown House sacramental records, Newtown House correspondence; Saint Joseph’s Church minute book, pew rent book, and treasurer’s accounts; Sacred Heart Church Board of Trustees...
Dates: 1794 - 1982

4.10 St. Inigoes and Ridge (St. Mary's County, Md.), 1767 - 1985

Scope and Contents The records in this subseries include announcement books; Annuae Litterae and Historia Domus; diaries; a book of memorials, a census of families, and a scrapbook; correspondence; manuscript histories (including archeological surveys); legal documents; newsclippings; photographs (including glass-plate negatives compiled by Horace McKenna, S.J. around 1933; published materials; financial records; sacramental records; and spiritual writings. Please note that a fire at the St. Inigoes Manor...
Dates: 1767 - 1985

4.11 Conewago (Adams County, Penn.), 1815 - 1974

Scope and Contents Subseries 4.11 contains the records of the Conewago House in Adams County, Pennsylvania. Materials include House diaries, announcement books, sacramental registers, and financial records. Church records include materials from St. Joseph’s Church and Sacred Heart Church in Hanover and Holy Trinity Church in McSherrystown. The subseries also contains rules for burials, spiritual writings, ephemera, histories, newsclippings, publications, and House diary from the short-lived Paradise House...
Dates: 1815 - 1974

4.12 Goshenhoppen (Berks County, Penn.), 1825 - 1953

Scope and Contents This subseries consists of the records of the House at Goshenhoppen in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Materials include a diary, financial journal, correspondence, photographs, ephemera, newsclippings, histories, and publications. Between 1741 and 1889, Jesuits served the Catholics of northeastern Pennsylvania from the Goshenhoppen House, with its seat at the Most Blessed Sacrament Church in Churchville, Pennsylvania (which has since been renamed Bally). From that location, its...
Dates: 1825 - 1953

4.13 Other Houses, 1774 - 2004

Scope and Contents This subseries contains published and unpublished materials from Houses whose extant records are primarily held by other repositories. Some of the papers in this subseries were selected for inclusion in the Maryland Province Archives by Jesuit archivists and scholars to support research for specific activities, articles, and projects undertaken by members. This subseries also contains correspondence between the Rectors of Jesuit colleges (including Loyola College of Baltimore and Woodstock...
Dates: 1774 - 2004

4.14 International Houses, 1816 - 1970

Scope and Contents This subseries contains materials pertaining to international missions that either fell under the jurisdiction of the Maryland Province, or in which members of the Maryland Province were active participants. Materials consist primarily of published items (including pamphlets, newsclippings, and booklets) and photographs. International locations include Burma, Iraq, Jamaica, various European countries, and the Philippines. Please note that there is some discussion of international missions...
Dates: 1816 - 1970

4.15 Histories of the Houses, 1830 - 1967

Scope and Contents This subseries includes materials documenting House histories, much of which was created for the Province’s fiftieth anniversary (Jubilee) celebration in 1883. Some of these documents contain pointed judgments of the ethnic and racial communities that were under the pastoral care of the various Houses of the Province. Materials include Province-wide Historia Domus, Litterae Annuae, and manuscript histories, and items such as newsclippings pertaining directly to the Jubilee. Because the...
Dates: 1830 - 1967