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General Correspondence-"B" - Charles Currier Beale, 1833 - 1910

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 2
Identifier: 23284
Series-level Scope and Content Note From the Series:

This series consists of General Correspondence of Martin J. Griffin.

Dates: 1833 - 1910

Holy Cards/Memorial Cards., 12/23/1928-06/27/1949

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 54
Identifier: GAMMS454.7.70
Series-level Scope and Content Note From the Series:

This series contains printed items. Included are holy cards, memorial cards, and pamphlets. All of the items reflect Walsh's interest in the Catholic Church.

Dates: 12/23/1928-06/27/1949

Stutesman, John Hale., 01/01/1946-12/31/1949

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 125
Identifier: GAMMS2.2.737
Series-level Scope and Content Note From the Series:

Dates: 01/01/1946-12/31/1949

Moreton Frewen - Additional Correspondence., 12/07/1903-02/26/1921

 File — Box: 5, Folder: 47
Identifier: 49427
Collection-level Scope and Content Note From the Collection: This collection essentially comprises the life and letters of Sir Shane Leslie whose boundless energy and wide-ranging interests took him all over Britain, the United States and Canada, bringing him in touch with people in many fields including the arts, economics, education, literature, politics and religion. Sir Shane's personal papers also reflect his deep concern and interest in Irish culture and politics, particularly the question of Irish independence through Home Rule. The...
Dates: 12/07/1903-02/26/1921

Meehan, Thomas - Correspondence Incoming, Regarding., 01/01/1924-12/31/1941

 File — Box: 44, Folder: 67
Identifier: GAMMS472.1.3124
Series-level Scope and Content Note From the Series:

The Individual Authors Series contains correspondence, manuscripts, questionnaires from the Gallery of Living Catholic Authors, photos, publications, and clippings relating to individual authors who were accepted or considered as members of the Gallery of Living Catholic Authors established by Sister Mary Joseph, S.L., in 1932. The series is arranged alphabetically by author. Boxes 1-66.

Dates: 01/01/1924-12/31/1941

January 15-31, 1565 - 1967

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 2
Scope and Contents Jesuit obituaries: John McElroy (1894), John F. Mahan (1885), John T. Kuhlmann (1887), Patrick H. Toner (1887), Daniel A. Doherty (1901), Aloysius Roth (1904), Leonard Lessius (1623), Edward D. Boone (1916), Joseph Hanselman (1923), William H. Judge (1899), Martin de Lyonne (1661), Michael Tüffer (1873), Edmund McFadden (1863), Benedict Sestini (1890), Basil Haefely (1897), James Alvarez de Paz (1620), Aemilius de Augustinis (1897), Joseph West (1841), Thomas Haggerty (1887), Anthony Maria...
Dates: 1565 - 1967

Charles Neale, S.J. (6 of 7), 1822-09-02-1822-12-23

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 17
Identifier: 119_60_14
Scope and Contents Contains ALS: from Marshall to E. Fenwick on clergy needs of Washington Seminary 9/2/1822; from C. Neale to A. Marshall on food needs of White Marsh 9/4/1822; from C. Neale to McElroy assigning latter to St. Thomas 9/5/1822, on repairs to house at Frederick 11/26/1822; from B. Corvin, SJ to Dzierozynski on status of bag of books for Goshenhoppen 10/3/1822; from C. Neale to James Redmond, SJ on latter's assignment to Frederick 10/14/1822; from Dzierozynski to Fr. General 10/6/1822; from...
Dates: 1822-09-02-1822-12-23

Wills, Surnames P-S, 1851 - 1909

 File — Box: 98, Folder: 6
Identifier: 119_80_3
Scope and Contents Joseph Polk (1857); (Missing: Angelo Paresce 1863); James Perron (1876: note - includes ALS from Perron re will); (Missing: Francis P. Powers 1895); John B. Pittar (1899); George A. Pettit (1900); (Missing: Orestes Pinamonti 1901); John Pedri (1901); (Missing: Michael A. Purtell 1902); Wm. O'B. Pardow (1904); (Missing: Stanislaus Palermo 1905); Maurice E. Prendergast (1905); (Missing: Joseph J. Prendergast 1905); John B. Pittar (1905); Albert R. Peters (1905); (Missing: Stephen Power 1907,...
Dates: 1851 - 1909

Ignatius Brocard, S.J. (47 of 83), 1850-10-02-1850-12-13

 File — Box: 13, Folder: 6
Identifier: 119_71_9
Scope and Contents Contains ALS to Brocard from: Bp Fitzpatrick on good state of Maine missions, German congregations in Boston 10/2/1850; 2 from Pallhuber on growth of congregation in Richmond, German Catholics in Staunton 10/3 & 6/1850, 2 on misc., Protestant attendance at masses 10/21/1850; 2 from Early on news of Dzierozynski's death, misc. 10/7 & 24/1850; John Bapst, SJ on discord at Old Town, ME mission 10/11/1850, on travels 10/27/1850; Carolo Vicinanza, SJ on misc. 10/16/1850; from S.I. Mahoney...
Dates: 1850-10-02-1850-12-13

Wills, Surnames C-W, 1910 - 1920

 File — Box: 98, Folder: 8
Identifier: 119_80_5
Scope and Contents (Missing: A and B wills [311A1-B8]); Daniel P. Crowley (1910); (Missing: all other C wills [311C2-29]); Walter Dwight (1911); (Missing: all other D wills plus all E and F wills [311D2-F16]); James Groening (1910); (Missing: Bartholomew Gmeiner 1910, John C. Geale 1911); Thomas F. Gear (1911); (Missing: John J. Geoghan 1911, Aloysius J. Guiney 1911, Frederick J. Grewen 1912); Thomas J. Gartland (1913); (Missing: Joseph P. Green 1913, Thomas F. Graham 1914); Joseph B. Glynn (1914); (Missing:...
Dates: 1910 - 1920

IP-3.5: St. Alphonsus Church, Woodstock, Md. - Diary of St. Peter Claver's Sunday School, 1920-1932

 File — Box: 38, Folder: 831
Scope and Contents

Diary of St. Peter Claver's Sunday School, an African American sodality for youth and adults connected with St. Alphonsus Church. The diary records the events of the sodality, attendence records, and contains play programs, photos, and negatives.

Dates: 1920-1932