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Grassi, John

 Digital Record

John Anthony Grassi, S.J. (17 of 39)

 Digital Record

I.A.4.d, Day Book, November 1,1812 - February 14, 1814

Scope and Contents

Written on the first page is a list of the "weight of Oxen received from St. Inigoes, November 1812." Towards the back are an account for John Grassi and an "Account of clothing furnished Mr. Clark from September 1812" and a "List of Persons Residing in College, January 1, 1813." This list includes the names of enslaved persons.

Dates: 1791-1950

Anthony Kohlmann, S.J. (4 of 11), 1819-07-14-1819-12-29

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 4
Identifier: 119_59_9
Scope and Contents Contains ALS: from Grassi to E. Fenwick on former's staying at Rome 7/14/1819; from Grassi to A. Kohlmann on various artworks sent to America 7/14/1819; from Grassi to McElroy on shipment of paintings for Georgetown 7/14/1819; from E. Fenwick to G. Fenwick 7/20/1819; from Grassi to F. Neale 7/22/1819; to Ryder on Ryder and Mulledy's trip to Conewago 8/15/1819; to G. Fenwick 8/22/1819; from E. Fenwick to his mother Margaret on yellow fever epidemic in Baltimore 9/1/1819; from E. Fenwick to F....
Dates: 1819-07-14-1819-12-29

John Anthony Grassi, S.J. (33 of 39), 1815-12-04

 File — Box: 2, Folder: 22
Identifier: 119_14_8
Scope and Contents

This folder [10.z.3] consists of a circular (Dec. 4, 1815) by Archbishop Neale concerning the death of Archbishop John Carroll.

*Former finding aid locations: 119_14_8; 20Z3*

Dates: 1815-12-04

John Anthony Grassi, S.J. (39 of 39), 1817-05-16

 File — Box: 2, Folder: 28
Identifier: 119_5_6.1
Scope and Contents

Letter of Leonard Neale, Archbishop of Baltimore to Rev. Franics Neale, St. Inigoes.

Former finding aid locations: 119_5_6.1; 7R9

Dates: 1817-05-16

Charles Neale, S.J. (1 of 4), 1809-03-21-1809-11-19

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 5
Identifier: 119_57.1_10
Scope and Contents Contains ALS: from Kohlmann to Grassi on foundation of colleges in America, preservation of estates, foundation of Literary Institute 3/21/1809; from C. Neale to F. Neale circular advising Jesuits to appear as seculars 5/24/1809, on general complaints against misc Jesuits 11/29/1809; from Peter Kenney, SJ to Grassi on persecution of Jesuits in Spain 6/10/1809; from Kohlmann to Grassi on importance of New York and Philadelphia, Literary Institute, number of students (50) at Georgetown...
Dates: 1809-03-21-1809-11-19

1.1 Correspondence, Chronological, 1805-1883

Scope and Contents Subseries 1.1 is comprised of correspondence of the Superiors of the Mission of the American Federation (1805-1833) and Provincials of the Province of Maryland (1833-1877). Most letters in the subseries are addressed to the Provincials themselves, but the subseries also contains letters received by their advisees, including the Socius, Consultors, Procurators, and Board Members of the Corporation of Roman Catholic Clergymen. Written primarily by members of the Society of Jesus, this...
Dates: 1805-1883

Correspondence, 1953 - 1959

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 4
Scope and Contents From the File:

Comprises material relative to Goetz Brieffs. Correspondence is arranged chronologically while all other materials are arranged alphabetically.

Dates: Other: 1953 - 1959

Francis Dzierozynski, S.J. (6 of 69), 1824-01-24-1824-03-12

 File — Box: 4, Folder: 6
Identifier: 119_60_8
Scope and Contents Contains ALS: from F. Neale to Dzierozynski 1/24/1824, on disposition of misc. legacies 2/25/1824, on establishment of house near Newtown 2/25/1824; From Abp Marechal to Dzierozynski on personnel matters in White Marsh 2/24/1824, on Concordats of 1805 and 1815 relations between See and Society 2/28/1824; from Abp Marechal to McElroy on bequest received by former 2/5/1824, 2/12/1824; from Beschter to Dzierozynski 2/6/1824; from F. Neale to Marshall on disposition of property 2/7/1824; from...
Dates: 1824-01-24-1824-03-12

Garraghan, S.J., Gilbert - Publications., 06/30/1926-10/01/1940

 File — Box: 22, Folder: 22
Identifier: GAMMS472.1.1545
Series-level Scope and Content Note From the Series:

The Individual Authors Series contains correspondence, manuscripts, questionnaires from the Gallery of Living Catholic Authors, photos, publications, and clippings relating to individual authors who were accepted or considered as members of the Gallery of Living Catholic Authors established by Sister Mary Joseph, S.L., in 1932. The series is arranged alphabetically by author. Boxes 1-66.

Dates: 06/30/1926-10/01/1940

William McSherry, S.J. (16 of 16), 1837-05-03-1837-08-10

 File — Box: 8, Folder: 16
Identifier: 119_66_8
Scope and Contents Contains ALS: from Grassi to Wm. McSherry on paintings sent to America 5/3/1837; from Grassi to T. Mulledy on paintings 6/5/1837; from Wm. McSherry to McElroy on misc. 6/13/1837, on misc. 7/29/1837; from McElroy to Dzierozynski on construction on unspecified property 7/12/1837; from Grivel to Dzierozynski on misc. including Thomas Finegan, SJ's impending madness 7/15/1837; from Roothaan to McElroy on praise of Province 7/19/1837; from Ryder to Wm. McSherry on events in Philadelphia...
Dates: 1837-05-03-1837-08-10

Mission Superiors (2 of 6), 1814-01-25-1822-07-06

 File — Box: 20, Folder: 2
Identifier: 119_93_3
Scope and Contents Contains ALS from Brzozowski to Grassi: 1/25/1814, 5/10/1814, 5/25/1814, 7/10/1814, 9/11/1814 (re relation of Georgetown to the Society), 12/20/1814; from Brzozowski to Leonard Neale 5/10/1814; from Brzozowski to Grassi 11/18/1815, 1/10/1815, 10/22 Sept 1816, 3/15 May 1816 (tells of difficulties in Russia); from Brzozowski to Francis Dzierozynski 1/25/1817; from Brzozowski to Charles Neale 3/9/1819; from M. Petrucci to Peter Kenney 2/16/1820 requesting latter to come to Rome; from Luigi...
Dates: 1814-01-25-1822-07-06

Charles Neale, S.J. (4 of 4), 1811-01-04-1811-03-26

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 8
Identifier: 119_57.1_7
Scope and Contents Contains ALS: from Abp Carroll to C. Neale on change of administration for Cobb Neck and Newport 1/4/1811; from Kohlmann expressing hope that Georgetown rather than the Literary Institute would close 1/4/1811; from Rev. John Rosseter to Abp Carroll 1/20/1811; from Abp Carroll to F. Neale on Rosseter's desire to reside in a Jesuit House 1/21/1811; from Abp Carroll to Rosseter recommending latter reside at White Marsh 1/26/1811, on advantages of White Marsh 1/29/1811; from Giuseppe Ignazio...
Dates: 1811-01-04-1811-03-26

Anthony Kohlmann, S.J. (11 of 11), 1821-05-09-1821-07-02

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 11
Identifier: 119_59_3
Scope and Contents Contains ALS: decree from Luigi Fortis, SJ on conditions for ordination 5/9/1821; AMsS Grassi's draft of money for scholastics in Italy 5/12/1821; from Grassi to Marshall refuting charges of misuse of Georgetown money, mentions gift of astronomical instruments 5/12/1821; from Beschter to F. Neale on dedication of Baltimore Cathedral 5/14/1821, on same and Philadelphia property 6/5/1821; from DeBarth to Marshall on title to St. Joseph's, deeding of St. Mary's to Corp 5/17/1821, on same...
Dates: 1821-05-09-1821-07-02

Charles Neale, S.J. (2 of 4), 1810-06-07-1810-08-25

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 6
Identifier: 119_57.1_9
Scope and Contents Contains ALS: from Abp Carroll to F. Neale on establishment of "perpetual free place" at Georgetown, first offered to Charles Pisi 6/7/1810; from Abp Carroll on request to retain E. Fenwick as pastor of St. Mary's, Alexandria 7/5/1810; from Abp Carroll to E. Fenwick on loan from Holy Trinity Church for burial of Anne Barry 8/7/1810; from Francis Maleve, SJ to F. Neale on availability of land owned by Samuel Lilly in Frederick 8/17/1810; from Joseph Smith to F. Neale advising purchase of...
Dates: 1810-06-07-1810-08-25

Anthony Kohlmann, S.J. (9 of 11), 1821-01-03-1821-03-31

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 9
Identifier: 119_59_4
Scope and Contents Contains ALS: from A. Kohlmann to Cary on Newport and Cobb Neck properties Jan 1821; from Beschter to Cary on procuring a painting for St. John's, Baltimore 1/3/1821; from Marshall to F. Neale on income for Georgetown, debt of Conewago, destructive influence of A. Kohlmann on Georgetown 1/5/1821, on conditions for sale of New York property and New York debts 1/20/1821; from Beschter to F. Neale on clergy problems in Philadelphia, arrival of Bp Dubourg in New Orleans 1/11/1821; from F. Neale...
Dates: 1821-01-03-1821-03-31

Peter Kenney, S.J. (7 of 16), 1832-07-02-1832-08-29

 File — Box: 7, Folder: 9
Identifier: 119_63_18
Scope and Contents Contains ALS: from Kenney to McElroy on bad condition of St. Joseph Manor 7/2/1832, on complaints against McElroy re land at Harper's Ferry 7/6/1832, on further complaints against McElroy 8/12/1832, on misc. 8/29/1832; from Grassi to McElroy on death of King Charles Felix of Sardinia 7/10/1832; from Grassi to DeBarth letter of friendship 7/10/1832; from Kenney to Haly on misc. including excavation for new building at Georgetown, procurement of government money for orphanages, repossession of...
Dates: 1832-07-02-1832-08-29

Peter Verhaegen, S.J. (13 of 13), 1847-10-08-1847-12-02

 File — Box: 10, Folder: 22
Identifier: 119_69_4
Scope and Contents Contains ALS: 2 to S. Barber from novice 10/8 & 11/16/1847; from Roothaan to Brocard apptmnt of latter as Provincial 10/10/1847; from Verhaegen to McElroy on misc. including B.& O. bridges destroyed in storm 10/12/1847, on misc. 10/21/1847, on deeding of St. Mary's, Boston, property to Georgetown 10/26/1847, on McElroy's wish not to be coadjutor to Bp Flaget 11/3/1847, on sending of boxes of books (includes list of books sent) 11/7/1847; to S. Barber on improved behavior of...
Dates: 1847-10-08-1847-12-02

Ignatius Brocard, S.J. (8 of 83), 1848-04-26-1851-01-18

 File — Box: 11, Folder: 8
Identifier: 119_70_2
Scope and Contents Contains ALS: from Vande Velde to Brocard on former's apptmnt as Socius of Province of Missouri 6/2/1848; 2 from Grassi to McElroy on Society's problems in Italy, anti-clericalism in Italy (includes McElroy's note on death of Grassi ) 6/8 & 8/3/1848; from Giovanni Perrone, SJ to Finotti on former's remaining in Rome 6/10/1848; from Perrone to Ryder on De Vico's voyage to Europe, Society's expulsion from Rome 6/10/1848; from J. McSherry to Brocard on retaining Finotti in Frederick...
Dates: 1848-04-26-1851-01-18