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John Anthony Grassi, S.J. (38 of 39), 1817-01-10-1817-06-20

 File — Box: 2, Folder: 27
Identifier: 119_59_13
Scope and Contents Contains ALS: from Plowden to Grassi introducing Roger Baxter, fortunes of Society in England 1/10/1817; from Norbert Korsak, SJ to Grassi on capture of archives in St. Petersburg 1/10/1817; from Abp L. Neale to James Lucas, SJ on Charleston schism, status of church in Norfolk 1/14/1817; from Rev. John Dubois to F. Neale on deed to unspecified property 1/16/1817; from Abp Marechal to Grassi on latter's appointment as coadjutor, desires to extend White Marsh 1/30/1817; from Brute to Grassi...
Dates: 1817-01-10-1817-06-20

William McSherry, S.J. (14 of 16), 1836-07-12-1836-12-19

 File — Box: 8, Folder: 14
Identifier: 119_65_1
Scope and Contents Contains ALS: from Wm. McSherry to McElroy on procuring marble slabs for St. John's church in Frederick 7/12/1836; from Dzierozynski to G. Fenwick on misc. 7/15/1836; from Duchess Julie of Anhalt to Dubuisson with general news 7/30/1836; from Kenney to James McCarthy, SJ on initiation of Jamaica mission, state of Calcutta mission, flourishing of Belgian province 8/8/1836; from Beschter to a Fr. Leary complaining of ill health 8/11/1836; from Congregation of Paradise to Wm. McSherry asking...
Dates: 1836-07-12-1836-12-19

Ignatius Brocard, S.J. (16 of 83), 1848-10-05-1849-08-23

 File — Box: 11, Folder: 16
Identifier: 119_14_11
Scope and Contents This folder [20 Z12-32] consists of documents (1834-1848) pertaining to pastorals, ordination, naturalization and other matters. Items of interest include: Circular (1834) pertaining to death of James Whitfield, Archbishop of Baltimore; The following pertains to documents involving Samuel Eccleston, Archbishop of Baltimore: No faculties for case (1834); Two Lenten dispensation (1835); No fast or abstinence in Advent (1837); No obligation to oberve at Easter and Pentecost Mondays (1838);...
Dates: 1848-10-05-1849-08-23

Correspondence, Cox - F., 01/02/1880-05/23/1903

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 3
Identifier: 62922
Series-level Scope and Content Note From the Series:

This series contain the correspondence sent to and collected by Thomas F. Meehan between the years 1859-1920. The correspondence has been arranged chronologically.

Dates: 01/02/1880-05/23/1903

Goshenhoppen (4 of 6), 1786 - 1905

 File — Box: 48, Folder: 10
Identifier: 119_33_8
Scope and Contents Land and legal records with correspondence: tenant contracts arrange chronologicall (105V10); Letters between Bally and Lancaster describe sales of lands. Within this set, there is a letter requesting a middle-aged "colored woman" to replace the servant of the residence who needed to take care mother and was expected to become a Franciscan nun. (10V 1/2)Twelve letters (1864-71) of Augustine Bally, S.J., to Charles C. Lancaster, S.J.; Note (1867) concerns sale of woodland on...
Dates: 1786 - 1905

St. Thomas Manor (25 of 39), 1771 - 1917

 File — Box: 61, Folder: 2
Identifier: 119_28_4
Scope and Contents Legal documents and correspondence related to Pye's Chance: Three letters (1912) from John F. Mudd to Joseph Zwinge, S.J.; Letter (Sept. 23, 1912) from Fr. Zwinge to General L.A. Wilmer; Two letters (1912) from L. Allison Wilmer; Deed (1882) between R. Cutler & Catherine Fergusson and W. Joseph Norris; Plat [copy] of Pye's Chance (1862); Deed (1852) between Matilda & Milly Boswell and Samuel Cox; Land sold by Corporation at St. Thomas' to F. DeSales Plowden; Deed [copy, (1913)]...
Dates: 1771 - 1917

Bohemia (9 of 12), 1788

 File — Box: 43, Folder: 2
Identifier: 119_30_3
Scope and Contents Arbitration decision and supporting documents in dispute between William Pasquet, S.J., Superior of Bohemia (1806-1815) and James Moynihan,S.J., Superior of Bohemia (1815-1817); papers related to manumission of Patrick Barnes by Ambrose Marechal:Order of Registrar of Wills (1788) to appraise chattels of the late John Lewis, S.J.; Decision of arbitrators (1816) in disupute between James Moynihan, S.J., and William Pasquet, S.J.; Observations on the arbitration of James Scanlan and...
Dates: 1788

Conewago (1 of 19), 1754 - 1913

 File — Box: 44, Folder: 1
Identifier: 119_32_1
Scope and Contents Legal documents and correspondence: Power of attorney (1811/1815) from Francis Neale, S.J., to Rev. Lewis DeBarth; Power of attorney (1828) from Francis Neale, S.J., to Matthew Lekeu [Certified by Henry Clay, Secretary of State]; Power of attorney (1841) from Thomas F. Mulledy, S.J., to John McElroy, S.J.; Power of attorney (1841) from Joseph Carbery, S.J., to John McElroy, S.J.; Power of attorney (1889) from William F. Clarke to Charles H. Heichemer, S.J.; Power of attorney...
Dates: 1754 - 1913

Wills, Surnames E-K, 1853 - 1908

 File — Box: 98, Folder: 3
Identifier: 119_79_4
Scope and Contents John Early (1853); (Missing: Wm. J. Ennis 1899, A.J. Emerich 1906); Michael Farrell (1860); Daniel Fortescue (1860); Charles H. Fulmer (1866); (Missing: John J. Fleming 1901, Philip M. Finegan 1903); Thomas J.A. Freeman (1905); Patrick Forhan (1905); (Missing: Edward X. Fink 1905); George A. Fargis (1905); (Missing: John W. Fox 1905); Samuel Frisbee (1906); Bp Charles Gordon (1895); Wm. F. Gannon (1897); Thomas J. Gannon (1898); Joseph A. Gorman (1898); John J. Greene (1898); John M. Girard...
Dates: 1853 - 1908

William McSherry, S.J. (5 of 16), 1834-03-27-1834-06-30

 File — Box: 8, Folder: 5
Identifier: 119_65_10
Scope and Contents Contains ALS: 2 from Wm. McSherry to Dzierozynski on death of Daniel Barber and condition of Claremont property 4/1 & 8/1834; from Ward to S. Barber on misc. 4/15/1834; from G. Fenwick, novice to Mulledy et al. on misc. plus count of students at Georgetown 4/16/1834; from Hitselberger to G. Fenwick on criticisms by former 4/16/1834; from Abp Whitfield to Wm. McSherry on clergy shortage in St. Mary's Co. 4/22/1834; from a Mr. Barbelin, SJ to Samuel Mulledy, SJ on loss of boarders at...
Dates: 1834-03-27-1834-06-30

Miller, Arthur., 03/07/1978-03/07/1978

 File — Box: 2, Folder: 35
Identifier: GAMMS410.3.110
Series-level Scope and Content Note From the Series:

Dates: 03/07/1978-03/07/1978

Donations book listing major donations to Georgetown University during this period [50.6], 1891-1898

 File — Box: 10, Folder: 12
Scope and Contents Includes notes about donations by:: by Charles H. Wills (to the collection of Maryland Catholic Historical Relics), August 1891; Anna E. Smith (books), June-August 1891 and October 1891; Father Patrick F. Healy (books), August 1891; John Vinton Dahlgren and Elizabeth Drexel Dahlgren (promise of a memorial chapel to cost $10,000), August 1891; Sisters of the Academy of the Visitation, Georgetown, D.C. (theological and ascetic works formerly belonging to the Rev. Pierre-Joseph de Clorivière),...
Dates: 1891-1898

Wills, Surnames A-D, 1853 - 1908

 File — Box: 98, Folder: 2
Identifier: 119_79_3
Scope and Contents Will of John F.X. Aiken (1857); Joseph M. Ardia (1853); (Missing: Francis X. Aigner, 1899); Augustus Abram (1901); John B. Archambault (1905); John Bapst (1853); John E. Blox (1853); James Barnett (1858); Augustin Bally (1860); Thaddeus Begley (1860); Philip Bahan (1872); Robert W. Brady (1887); Francis X. Brady (1889 and 1895); Francis Barnum (1897); (Missing: Timothy Barrett 1897, John A. Brosman 1899, Thomas A. Becker 1900, Charles F. Bridges 1901); David H. Buel (1901); (Missing: Wm. J....
Dates: 1853 - 1908

8.4 Carroll Family, 1714 - 1721

Scope and Contents This subseries consists of a financial records book of James Carroll, a wealthy Catholic planter, merchant, and slave owner in Maryland. Known as the “James Carroll Daybook” - though not technically a daybook, as it is not arranged strictly chronologically - this folio-sized volume of nearly 300 pages is a record of the commercial accounts maintained by the innovative planter-merchant James Carroll, including financial transactions related to enslaved individuals. James Carroll...
Dates: 1714 - 1721

"AB Bookman's Weekly"., 09/04/1978-09/04/1978

 File — Box: 2, Folder: 58
Identifier: GAMMS410.3.133
Series-level Scope and Content Note From the Series:

Dates: 09/04/1978-09/04/1978

Wills, Surnames C-W, 1910 - 1920

 File — Box: 98, Folder: 8
Identifier: 119_80_5
Scope and Contents (Missing: A and B wills [311A1-B8]); Daniel P. Crowley (1910); (Missing: all other C wills [311C2-29]); Walter Dwight (1911); (Missing: all other D wills plus all E and F wills [311D2-F16]); James Groening (1910); (Missing: Bartholomew Gmeiner 1910, John C. Geale 1911); Thomas F. Gear (1911); (Missing: John J. Geoghan 1911, Aloysius J. Guiney 1911, Frederick J. Grewen 1912); Thomas J. Gartland (1913); (Missing: Joseph P. Green 1913, Thomas F. Graham 1914); Joseph B. Glynn (1914); (Missing:...
Dates: 1910 - 1920

"Caveat Emptor" Manuscript., No date found in GAMMS

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 19
Identifier: GAMMS410.3.169
Series-level Scope and Content Note From the Series:

Dates: No date found in GAMMS

Notebook Poems 1972., 11/01/1972-12/31/1972

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 4
Identifier: 43095
Series-level Scope and Content Note From the Series:

This series contains notebook manuscripts of poems by EJ.

Dates: 11/01/1972-12/31/1972

Scrapbook II., 04/21/1877-01/15/1879

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 2
Identifier: 41562
Collection-level Scope and Content Note From the Collection: The Madeleine Vinton Dahlgren papers consist of one scrapbook intact, containing material dating from 1885 through 1888; a fragment of a scrapbook, containing material dating 1877 through 1879; and one tintype, possibly of the Irish statesman, Charles Stewart Parnell. The following description of this collection begins with the complete scrapbook, designated Scrapbook I. The fragmented Scrapbook II follows, with the tintype as the last item in the collection. Itemization of material within...
Dates: 04/21/1877-01/15/1879

Correspondence: Miscellanous Individuals to Charles Quest, 1925-1947., 10/27/1925-10/17/1947

 File — Box: 1, Folder: 1
Identifier: 66855
Series-level Scope and Content Note From the Series:

This series is comprised of the correspondence relating to Charles Quest's career.

Dates: 10/27/1925-10/17/1947

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