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Francis Dzierozynski, S.J. (6 of 16), 1841-01-13-1842-04-15

 File — Box: 9, Folder: 12
Identifier: 119_67_7
Scope and Contents Contains AMs financial statement of Alexandria from Jul 1837-Jan 1841; ALS from Vespre to Dzierozynski on purchase of lots for St. Joseph's, Philadelphia 1/13/1841, on various debts 3/4/1841; 2 from Dzierozynski to Lancaster on misc. Feb and Jul 1841; financial statement of St. John's Church and College, Frederick by McElroy 8/31/1841; from De Theux to Dzierozynski on Ladies of Sacred Heart wish to establish in NY 2/21/1841; from Grassi to McElroy on paintings for Frederick 2/28/1841; from...
Dates: 1841-01-13-1842-04-15

Francis Dzierozynski, S.J. (13 of 16), 1843-01-08-1843-03-31

 File — Box: 10, Folder: 1
Identifier: 119_68_12
Scope and Contents Contains ALS: from Dzierozynski to B. Fenwick on latter's offer of college 1/8(?)/1843, on type of college planned Jan 1843; from Dzierozynski to McElroy on misc. 1/11/1843; from B. Fenwick to Dzierozynski offering Maine township, farm near Worcester, plan to build Holy Cross College 1/11/1843, on preference for boarding college 2/4/1843; from Dzierozynski to Lancaster on misc. 1/29/1843; from Dzierozynski to Roothaan on plans for Holy Cross Feb 1843; from B. Fenwick to G. Fenwick on plans...
Dates: 1843-01-08-1843-03-31

Peter Verhaegen, S.J. (11 of 13), 1847-04-11-1847-10-25

 File — Box: 10, Folder: 20
Identifier: 119_69_6
Scope and Contents Contains ALS: from James Moore, SJ to G. Fenwick asking latter to Holy Cross 4/11/1847; from Verhaegen to McElroy asking latter's return from Mexico 4/15/1847; from Verhaegen to Abp Eccleston asking permission to open school by St. Peter's Church, Washington 4/16/1847; from Abp Eccleston to Verhaegen granting permission to build church and school in Washington 4/17/1847; from Verhaegen to G. Fenwick inviting participation in Provincial Congregation 4/26/1847; from Lilly to G. Fenwick on...
Dates: 1847-04-11-1847-10-25

Bequests, John Ashton - Slavery, 1727 - 1817

 File — Box: 41, Folder: 11
Identifier: 119_35_6
Scope and Contents Legal records and papers related to a case over John Ashton's property, wherein was plaintiff: John Ashton v. Jeremiah Turner and Jonas Turner, filed in General Court; and the settlement of John Ashton's estate with Notley Young as the principal heir. The papers document the appraisal and transfer of Ashton's slaves to Notley Young (d. 1815). They include deed of sale for 12 slaves, Peter Attwood to Thomas Attwood, 1772:Sale of 12 enslaved individuals (1727) by George Attwood to...
Dates: 1727 - 1817

Anthony Kohlmann, S.J. (3 of 11), 1819-03-13-1819-12-29

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 3
Identifier: 119_59_10
Scope and Contents Contains ALS: from E. Fenwick to Cary on Cobb Neck payments to Baltimore Cathedral 3/13/1819; to G. Fenwick 3/15/1819; from B. Fenwick to G. Fenwick 5/14/1819; from Rev. James Fairclough to F. Neale on pew rent dispute in Alexandria 5/18/1819; from A.S. Divoff, SJ to G. Fenwick on latter's organ-playing 5/20/1819; from Abp Marechal to Leonard Edelin, SJ on reports of Catholic clergy burning Protestant Bibles, financing of Cathedral construction 6/8/1819, on allegations of Bible burning...
Dates: 1819-03-13-1819-12-29

Anthony Kohlmann, S.J. (7 of 11), 1820-07-07-1820-09-27

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 7
Identifier: 119_59_6
Scope and Contents Contains ALS: from E. Fenwick to Roger Baxter, SJ 7/7/1820; from Kenney to Marshall on personnel at Georgetown 8/7/1820; from A. Kohlmann to E. Fenwick urging latter to be rector of Georgetown 8/10/1820; from E. Fenwick to A. Kohlmann on former's appointment as rector 8/10/1820; from Dubuisson on events at Conewago 8/11/1820; from Marshall to E. Fenwick on bad state of plantations 8/14/1820; from DeBarth to Marshall on bad state of Conewago farms 8/26/1820, on Goshenhoppen law suit...
Dates: 1820-07-07-1820-09-27

Francis Dzierozynski, S.J. (2 of 69), 1823-08-11-1823-10-22

 File — Box: 4, Folder: 2
Identifier: 119_60_10
Scope and Contents Contains ALS: from F. Neale to E. Fenwick on clergy needs of St. Thomas, transfer of scholastics to St. Inigoes 8/11/1823, on misc. 8/25/1823; from John Walsh to E. Fenwick on misc. draft 8/15/1823; from Baxter to G. Fenwick on settlement of Missouri Mission, enrollment at Georgetown 8/17/1823; from Abp Marechal to McElroy on confirmations at Frederick 8/30/1823; from F. Neale to Dzierozynski on misc. Aug 1823; from Kenney to McElroy on joining of American Society to England, Grassi in Rome,...
Dates: 1823-08-11-1823-10-22

Francis Dzierozynski, S.J. (9 of 69), 1824-07-06-1824-10-13

 File — Box: 4, Folder: 9
Identifier: 119_60_3
Scope and Contents Contains ALS: from Beschter to Dzierozynski on quarrel between Marechal and Society, disposal of church property 7/6/1824, on personnel matters 8/10/1824, on Rantzau's desire to develop Trust and Truth property 8/17/1824, on Lafayette's visit to Baltimore 9/6/1824, on prospects for Rantzau's project 9/13/1824, on Lafayette and religion 9/14/1824; from John Walsh to E. Fenwick letter of introduction 7/11/1824; from Aloysius Young, SJ to Wm. McSherry on rumors that Marechal dispute had been...
Dates: 1824-07-06-1824-10-13

Francis Dzierozynski, S.J. (66 of 69), 1830-07-02-1830-08-26

 File — Box: 6, Folder: 20
Identifier: 119_62_18
Scope and Contents Contains ALS: from an M. Lechleitner (?) to Dzierozynski 7/2/1830; from B. Fenwick to G. Fenwick on enlarging publication "The Jesuit", dedication of church at Lowell, MA, needs of Claremont, NH 7/6/1830, on activities of "The Jesuit" 7/8/1830, on misc. 8/26/1830; from J. Power to Dzierozynski letter of introduction 7/7/1830; from B. Fenwick to Dzierozynski on sending priest to Claremont, ownership of Claremont property 7/8/1830; from Dzierozynski to McElroy on new novice admissions,...
Dates: 1830-07-02-1830-08-26

Thomas Mulledy, S.J. (4 of 10), 1838-04-08-1838-06-24

 File — Box: 8, Folder: 21
Identifier: 119_66_5
Scope and Contents Contains ALS: from Wm. McSherry to Dzierozynski on latter's naturalization, deed to D. Barber property 4/8/1838; from Bp Brute to Dubuisson on Mattingly miracle 4/15/1838; from Carbery to Dubuisson with St. Inigoes fructus spirituales from 1829-37 4/27/1838; from T. Mulledy to McElroy on Dzierozynski's ill health 4/29/1838, on prices for slaves 6/12/1838; from Dubuisson to Wm. McSherry on sending priest to Alexandria 5/4/1838; from Ward to S. Barber on status of Georgetown (including list of...
Dates: 1838-04-08-1838-06-24

William McSherry, S.J. (5 of 16), 1834-03-27-1834-06-30

 File — Box: 8, Folder: 5
Identifier: 119_65_10
Scope and Contents Contains ALS: 2 from Wm. McSherry to Dzierozynski on death of Daniel Barber and condition of Claremont property 4/1 & 8/1834; from Ward to S. Barber on misc. 4/15/1834; from G. Fenwick, novice to Mulledy et al. on misc. plus count of students at Georgetown 4/16/1834; from Hitselberger to G. Fenwick on criticisms by former 4/16/1834; from Abp Whitfield to Wm. McSherry on clergy shortage in St. Mary's Co. 4/22/1834; from a Mr. Barbelin, SJ to Samuel Mulledy, SJ on loss of boarders at...
Dates: 1834-03-27-1834-06-30

Charles Neale, S.J. (7 of 7), 1823-01-03-1823-06-22

 File — Box: 3, Folder: 18
Identifier: 119_60_12
Scope and Contents Contains ALS: from A. Kohlmann to McElroy on Abp's wish for secular assistant for Frederick Jan 1823; from Dzierozynski to C. Neale on misc. instructions from Fr. General Jan 1823; from John Walsh to E. Fenwick on claims against Baltimore Cathedral 1/3/1823; from B. Fenwick to G. Fenwick on faculty at Georgetown, Washington Seminary, Abp Marechal's attempts to claim White Marsh, schism in Philadelphia, debts of Society in Maryland 1/14/1823; from Bp Conwell to Marshall on disposition of St....
Dates: 1823-01-03-1823-06-22

1. Records of the Provincial, 1805-1981

Scope and Contents Series 1, the Records of the Provincial, documents the formation of missions, Houses of Jesuit formation, colleges, and houses for the entire Maryland Province under its various iterations. The Provincial derives his authority from the Superior General In Rome and ensures that members and individual communities comply with the rules of the Society of Jesus and the directives of diocesan leaders. During its existence between 1805 and 2020, the Province included the mid-Atlantic states of...
Dates: 1805-1981