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Box 172


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England, 1773 - 1789

 File — Box: 172, Folder: 1
Identifier: 119_2_7
Scope and Contents


A Narrative of the Proceedings in the Suppression of the two English Colleges at Bruges in John Carroll; Lettre de Mgr. l'Archeveque de Paris en response a un Bref de sa Saintete le Pape Clement XIV par lequel il l'exhortoit a recevoir le Bref de Suppression de la Companie de Jesus.

**Former finding aid locations: 119_2_7; 2R0-2**

Dates: 1773 - 1789

France (1 of 2), 1756 - 1833

 File — Box: 172, Folder: 2
Identifier: 119_1_6
Scope and Contents


correspondence (c. 1833-1837) pertaining to the history of France. Items of interest include: letter copy [1R4] contains material concerning la Societe Biblique. Also included is biographical material on Augustino Barruel, S.J. [d. 1820] and Bernardo Prevost, S.J. [d. 1833] as well as material pertaining to the Jews, Jacobins and Freemasons [Franche-macon].

**Former finding aid locations: 119_1_6; 1R1-4**

Dates: 1756 - 1833

France (2 of 2), 1768 - 1816

 File — Box: 172, Folder: 3
Identifier: 119_1_8
Scope and Contents France historical accounts (1787-1817) pertaining to France. Items of interest include: Account of the visions of Thomas Martin, a peasant from the parish of Gaillardon near Chartres witnessing the apparition of the Archangel Raphael who made predictions concerning King Louis XVIII and the future of France; Notice sur l'Etablissement de l'Institut de la foi de Jesus par le Pere Halnat, un des premieres compagnons du Pere [Nicola] Paccanari; Excerpta literarum P. Mozzi, S.J....
Dates: 1768 - 1816

France, Portugal, and Spain, 1758 - 1767

 File — Box: 172, Folder: 4
Identifier: 119_1_16
Scope and Contents France, Portugal, and SpainConsists of Maryland Province varia (1753-1839) pertaining to the Society of Jesus. Items of interest include: Material on Portugal [Extracts of letters in French concerning the events preparatory to the suppression in Portugal in 1759]; "De Rebus Sociorum Provincia Aragonia S.J. Ab indicto ipsis ex Hispania exilis..." [Concerns events in the Province of Aragon from 1767-1784]; letter (Dec. 12, 1766) contains detailed description of life in the prison...
Dates: 1758 - 1767

France and Spain, 1713 - 1815

 File — Box: 172, Folder: 5
Identifier: 119_1_14
Scope and Contents France and Spainconsists of Maryland Province documents (1713-1816) pertaining to the Society of Jesus. Items of interest include: "Memoire lu au Conclave de l'an la Destruction des Jesuits par...Bourbon" [Memoire of the Conclave of 1769 in which ministers of the Bourbons pressed for a pope who would suppress the Jesuits]; "Authentic copy of the Protestation made by the [Father] general Laur. Ricci, S.J., before his death" [Three items stiched together-Protestation...
Dates: 1713 - 1815

Governance (1 of 6), 1783 - 1856

 File — Box: 172, Folder: 6
Identifier: 111_2_5
Scope and Contents Items of interest include: Transcript of letter of George Fenwick to Fr. Ward (1856) regarding 1783 election of superior; Proposals for management and perpetuation of Jesuit estates in Maryland and Pennsylvania/problems which might arise; Proceedings (Sept. 23, 1783) of a meeting of the South District of the Clergy in Maryland [Amendments proposed to Proceedings held at White March (June 27, 1783). Rules for clergy, amendments, plantation amendments]; Proceedings (Nov. 6, 1783) of a meeting...
Dates: 1783 - 1856

Governance (2 of 6), 1786 - 1911

 File — Box: 172, Folder: 7
Identifier: 119_2_6
Scope and Contents Items of interest include: Proceedings of the General Chapter for 1786 [proceedings re: procedure, particular resolves, debts, general resolves, institution of a school, etc., (synopsis provided)]; Circular letter (Mar. 25, 1789) concerns a memorial to be sent to the Pope representing the Church in the United States and petitions that a diocesan bishop be selected by the American clergy; Letter (1786-1787) pertains to the last Chapter and discusses the form of government, bishop, relation of...
Dates: 1786 - 1911

Governance (3 of 6), 1788 - 1864

 File — Box: 172, Folder: 8
Identifier: 119_2_4
Scope and Contents Items of interest include: letter (Apr. 25, 1788) from 13 former Jesuits who find form of government after suppression unsatisfactory and plan to adopt new measures; Account of Francois M. Halnat, S.J., regarding the Institute of The Faith of Jesus. Last two pages contain letter signed by seven Jesuits regarding their joining the institute; letter [perhaps draft, dated June 21, 1805] from Archbishop John Carroll appointing Robert Molyneux, S.J., as Superior of the Society of Jesus in the...
Dates: 1788 - 1864

Governance (4 of 6), 1790 - 1815

 File — Box: 172, Folder: 9
Identifier: 53_19_8
Scope and Contents

handwritten transcripts of key documents including the Proceedings of the General Chapter, 1783, and Hunter diary

bound volume in which there appear to have been copied sometime in the mid-nineteenth century earlier MS, minutes, and misc notes from 1790-1815, some by Abp John Carroll.

**Former finding aid location: 53_19_8**

Dates: 1790 - 1815

Governance (5 of 6), 1805

 File — Box: 172, Folder: 10
Identifier: 119_2_3
Scope and Contents

Articles of Agreement and Concordat related to the Restoration

Articles of Agreement between John Carroll, Archbishop of Baltimore and Robert Moylneux, S.J., 1805] pertaining to the reappointment on estates, annuity to Bishop, students of divinity. (Facsimile with handwritten transcript)

**Former finding aid locations:119_2_3; 2A1-G2**

Dates: 1805

Governance (6 of 6), 1880 - 1896

 File — Box: 172, Folder: 11
Identifier: 53_19_1
Scope and Contents

On the General Chapter meeting of November 13, 1786 by John Gilmary Shea, S.J., and J. Havens Richards, S.J.

**Former finding aid location: 53_19_1**

Dates: 1880 - 1896

Histories, 1780

 File — Box: 172, Folder: 12
Identifier: 119_1_9
Scope and Contents


This folder [1S7] consists of a Maryland Province history of the discovery of artifacts found in a log of wood, located in the front of an old professed house [Vienna, 1780].

**Former finding aid locations: 119_1_9; 1S7**

Dates: 1780

Homilies, John Carroll, 1786 - 1812

 File — Box: 172, Folder: 13
Identifier: 119_5_17
Scope and Contents

Carroll, John: Homilies (typewritten description and notes included)

**Former finding aid locations: 119_5_17; 9 Carroll**

Dates: 1786 - 1812

Italy, 1810 - 1820

 File — Box: 172, Folder: 14
Identifier: 119_1_3
Scope and Contents


Items of interest include: letter (no date/Cajetan Angiolum) which describes efforts of Father General to receive permission from the Russian emperor to return to Rome; one copy- "Lapidariae Inscriptiones in Laudem Reverendissimi Patris Cajetani Angiolini."

**Former finding aid locations: 119_1_3; 1M1-4**

Dates: 1810 - 1820

Papal Briefs and Other Writings, 1768 - 1787

 File — Box: 172, Folder: 15
Identifier: 119_1_7
Scope and Contents

Prophetio by Bernardina Renzi

consists of Maryland Province material (c. 1764-1778) consisting of a narrative account of the Prophetio [predictions] of Bernardina Renzi, better known as Valentana, a young girl who, in 1768, predicted the persecution and ensuing dissolution of the Society. Narrative is authored by F. A. Pannizoni, S.J. Also included are Papal briefs of Clement XIII and Pius VII.

**Former finding aid locations: 119_1_7; 1S1**

Dates: 1768 - 1787

Paraguay and Portugal, 1746 - 1830

 File — Box: 172, Folder: 16
Identifier: 119_1_15
Scope and Contents Paraguay and PortugalConsists of Maryland Province varia (1746-1785) pertaining to the Society of Jesus in Paraguary and Portugal. Items of interest include: "An Account of all the public writers, native of Portugal, Members of the Venerable Society of Jesus and of their respective Literary Works" [a Detailed catalog of mostly 16th and 17th Century authors, listed alphabetically by first name, and their works]; "Extract from Diary of P. Pedro de Parras in Paraguay (1746-1759)"...
Dates: 1746 - 1830