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Box 58


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St. Inigoes (1 of 13), 1633 - 1724

 File — Box: 58, Folder: 1
Identifier: 119_26.1_19.1
Scope and Contents Land records: Quarenda for the tracing of title to William Hunter; Mr. William Hunter's title to St. Inigoes, Britton's Neck, St. Thomas Manor (1720); St. Inigoes title; Notes concerning St. Inigoes Manor [Mr. Hunter's Right to St. Inigoes; Pamphlet "Legal Status and origin of St. Inigoes' Manor and St. Thomas' Manor, from the year 1633, regarding the lands included in the earliest conveyance to Thomas Copley, Jesuit [Some difficulties about St. Inigoes Manor and the island...
Dates: 1633 - 1724

St. Inigoes (2 of 13), 1641 - 1681

 File — Box: 58, Folder: 2
Identifier: 119_26.1_19.2
Scope and Contents

St. Mary's Rent Rolls

**Former finding aid locations: 119_26.1_19.2; 100W6-111**

Dates: 1641 - 1681

St. Inigoes (3 of 13), 1662 - 1667

 File — Box: 58, Folder: 3
Identifier: 119_26.1_20
Scope and Contents

Land records related to Saint George's Island: Indenture (1662) between Ralph Crouch and Gregory Turberville; Copy of Grant by Caecilius Lord Baltimore (1667) to Henry Warren, S.J.

**Former finding aid locations: 119_26.1_20; 100Y1-100Y2**

Dates: 1662 - 1667

St. Inigoes (4 of 13), 1667

 File — Box: 58, Folder: 4
Identifier: 119_26.1_21
Scope and Contents

Land records related to Saint George's Island:

Original grant from Caecilius Lord Baltimore (1667) to Henry Warren, S.J. for St. Inigoes, St. George's Island and St. Mary's Chapel and town land.

**Former finding aid locations: 119_26.1_21; 100Y2**

Dates: 1667

St. Inigoes (5 of 13), 1685 - 1693

 File — Box: 58, Folder: 5
Identifier: 119_26.1_22
Scope and Contents

Land records:

Indenture (1685) between Henry Warren, S.J., and Francis Pennington; Deed (1693) between Francis Pennington and William Hunter, S.J.

**Former finding aid locations: 119_26.1_22; 100Y3-100Y4**

Dates: 1685 - 1693

St. Inigoes (6 of 13), 1726 - 1847

 File — Box: 58, Folder: 6
Identifier: 119_26.1_18
Scope and Contents

Legal papers:

Power of Attorney (Mar. 1738) for James Whitgreave, S.J., to Richard Molyneux, S.J.; Letter (May 4, 1802) from Joseph Ford to James Walton, S.J.; Indenture (1726) between George Harold and Peter Attwood, S.J.; Indenture (Mar. 9, 1738) between James Whitgreave, S.J., and Richard Molyneux & James Farrar; Indenture (Nov. 1747) between James Farrar and Richard Molyneux.

**Former finding aid locations: 119_26.1_18; 100R1-100S3**

Dates: 1726 - 1847

St. Inigoes (7 of 13), 1795 - 1921

 File — Box: 58, Folder: 7
Identifier: 119_37_2
Scope and Contents Land records and other papers related to St. Nicholas Church in Patuxent River, Md., including Civil War claims:Indenture [copy (1795)] between N. Lewis Sewall and William Holton & Robert Jarboe; Deed (1800) by Henry Sewall to Nicholas Sewall, Enoch Combs and William Herbert [Deed for St. Nicholas Church [St. Mary's County]; Indenture (1853) between the Trustees of St. Nicholas Church and Francis Patrick Kenrick, Archbishop of Baltimore; Note (1908) concerns transfers of St....
Dates: 1795 - 1921

St. Inigoes (8 of 13), 1806 - 1905

 File — Box: 58, Folder: 8
Identifier: 119_26.1_16
Scope and Contents Land records:Maps, surveys, and other papers related to St. Inigoes including buildings and structures: Deed (1824) between Benjamin Williams and Joseph Carberry, S.J.; Certificate (1824) attesting to the fact that Benjamin Williams titled land to Fr. Carberry; Survey (1838) of land given to Carberry by Williams; Certificate (1890) attesting to sale of land [called St. Michael's Hundred] to Prescilla Biscoe; Deed of Livy Vigilante, S.J., to Daniel Thomas and Wife (1882); Note...
Dates: 1806 - 1905

St. Inigoes (9 of 13), 1814 - 1827

 File — Box: 58, Folder: 9
Identifier: 119_26.1_17
Scope and Contents Claims and other papers related to Saint George's Island during the War of 1812: Property claims and damage assessments related to the British attack of St. George's Island during the War of 1812: List of articles taken from St. Inigoes farm house on the last day of Oct. 1814 by the British; Estimate of War damages taken on St. George's Island (1815); Statement of damages on St. George's Island by the British naval forces (Feb. 1815); Letter (Mar. 6, 1817) to Francis Neale, S.J.; Letter [No...
Dates: 1814 - 1827

St. Inigoes (10 of 13), 1816 - 1817

 File — Box: 58, Folder: 10
Identifier: 119_26_2
Scope and Contents

Correspondence of Francis Neale, S.J., to Brother Joseph Marshall [St. Inigoes] pertaining to the farm at St. Inigoes.

**Former finding aid locations: 119_26_2; 99K1-99K6**

Materials on Slavery

This folder contains materials related to Jesuit slaveholding.

Ned is sent from the College to St. Inigoes, 1817 [GSA388]

Dates: 1816 - 1817

St. Inigoes (11 of 13), 1837 - 1926

 File — Box: 58, Folder: 11
Identifier: 119_26_14
Scope and Contents Papers related to St. Inigoes: Newsclipping (Oct. 14, 1906) concerns land lost by the Jesuits of St. Inigoes Manor; Letters (Aug. 7/8, 1906) from Charles W. Michael and Caswell Grave concern loss of land near St. Inigoes; Letter (Apr. 15, 1906) from Joseph F. Morgan to Joseph Zwinge, S.J.; Letter (May 17, 1906) from Thomas Whelan addresses questions concerning land owned by the Corporation of Roman Catholic Clergymen in St. Mary's County; Note concerning the history of the St....
Dates: 1837 - 1926

St. Inigoes (12 of 13), 1850 - 1916

 File — Box: 58, Folder: 12
Identifier: 119_26_15
Scope and Contents Documents related to the sale of St. George's Island in 1851, conducted by Charles Lancaster:Transfer of saw mill to St. Inigoes. Buyers Ennels Roszell and John H. Robrecht. Survey plat of St. Inigoes Manor (1896); Legend of St. Inigoes Farms; Letter (Dec. 9, 1865) of C.C. Lancaster, S.J., to Judge P.W. Crain suggests relocation of the U.S. Naval Academy from Annapolis to St. Inigoes; Letter (May 23, 1879) from Thomas Christopher to Fr. Lancaster; Agreement (1916) with Chesapeake...
Dates: 1850 - 1916

St. Inigoes (13 of 13), 1852 - 1922

 File — Box: 58, Folder: 13
Identifier: 119_37_1
Scope and Contents Land and legal records related to St. Nicholas Church, Church of the Holy Face, Clifton Mills; St. George's, Valley Lee; St. Peter Claver; St. Michael's Hall:Indenture [copy (1852)] between John Shadrick to Francis Patrick Kendrick, Bishop of Baltimore; Survey and plat (1876) of St. George's Church [St. Mary's County] lot; Deed (1876) by George M. Nichols to Rev. Joseph E. Keller; Deed (1877) by Joseph E. Keller to Woodstock College (in trust); Deed (1922) by George B. Cecil to...
Dates: 1852 - 1922