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Box 21


Contains 7 Results:

21:1. Les Palmes Academiques, 1935

 Item — Box: 21, Folder: 1
Scope and Contents

Government of the Republic of France. Les Palmes Academiques, Officier d'Academie, conferred by the Ministry of Education of France for her "services to French culture in Panama." Imposed by he Minister of France to Panama, Hon. Monsieur Langlais, 1935.

Dates: 1935

21:2. Order al Merito, 1944

 Item — Box: 21, Folder: 2
Scope and Contents

Government of the Republic of Chile. Order Al Merito, Comendador, imposed by the Ambassador of Chile to Panama as organizer and participant, Delegate of Panama to the First Conference of Ministers and Directors of Education of the American Republics, held in Panama, R.P., 1944.

Dates: 1944

21:3. Order Vasco Nunez de Balboa, 1946

 Item — Box: 21, Folder: 3
Scope and Contents

Government of the Republic of Panama. Order Vasco Nunez de Balboa, Gran Oficial, imposed by Panama's President, Hon. Enrique a. Jimenez, as National Delegate to the Third Constituent Assembly and signer of the 1946 Constitution of the Republic of Panama, 1946.

Dates: 1946

21:4. Order Darte, Sanchez Y Mella, 1956

 Item — Box: 21, Folder: 4
Scope and Contents

Government of the Dominican Republic. Order Duarte, Sanchez Y Mella, imposed by the Dominican Republic Foreign Minister, Hon. Porfirio Herrera, during the XII Assembly of the Inter American Commission of Women, as its Executive Secretary, Ciudad Trujillo, D.R., 1956.

Dates: 1956

21:5. Order Manuel Joe Hurtado, 1963

 Item — Box: 21, Folder: 5
Scope and Contents

Government of the Republic of Panama. Order Manuel Jose Hurtado, Father of Panamanian Education, Panama's highest award in the field of education. Imposed by Panama's President, Hon. Roberto F. Chiari, "for her professional services to the nation," 1963 (at the National Tribute he presided).

Dates: 1963

21:6. Medallion Octavio Mendez Pereira, 1963

 Item — Box: 21, Folder: 6
Scope and Contents

University of Panama - Medallion Octavio Mendez Pereira, presented by the University Rector/President, Hon. Narciso Garay P. Engraved: "Universidad de Panama," Tribute to Esther Neira de Calvo on the ocassion of the XXV of the anniverasry of the Women's Lyceum."

Dates: 1963

21:7. Gold Medal, 1963

 Item — Box: 21, Folder: 7
Scope and Contents

Liceo de Senoritas - Gold Medal with the Lyceum emblem in enamel. Engraved: "Esther N. de Calvo - Semilla madre de la luz eterna" (Mother seed of eternal light), imposed by Professsor Flor de Mayora, Directress of the Lyceum, 1963 (as a national tribute).

Dates: 1963