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Provincial Procurator Series, 1705-1955


Scope and Contents

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These files contain the records of the Provincial Procurator who oversaw the finances for the entire Maryland Province, Society of Jesus. The Province included missions in the eastern United States extending from the Chesapeake region into New England. In 1879, the Province was re-named the Maryland-New York Province to reflect the growth of Jesuit institutions in New York and New England. In 1943, the Maryland and New York provinces separated so that the Maryland Province assumed its present-day boundaries of southern New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and the District of Columbia.

The Provincial Procurator compiled monthly and financial statements from the residences, high schools and colleges, and missions and used these to draw up financial reports for the Jesuit General. Joseph Zwingé, S.J., was especially active in compiling these reports and wrote notes explaining how he was following the directives of the Jesuit General that are very helpful in explaining the records as a whole.

The Provincial Procurator was based in Southern Maryland (residing at either Georgetown University in Washington or Loyola University Maryland) so that he directly oversaw the finances of Southern Maryland chapter. Accordingly, he compiled monthly and annual reports of the residences, missions, and churches that served the Southern Maryland chapter. This series also includes the daybooks and other account books maintained by the residences and churches.

The Provincial Procurator also supervised the administration of the farms that supported the Jesuits. Father Joseph Zwingé was especially active in compiling monthly and annual accounts of the farms in Pennsylvania and Maryland, including Conewago, White Marsh, St. Inigoes, Bohemia, St. Thomas, Cedar Point Neck, and Newtown. The series also includes the daybooks, correspondence of the Procurator, and contracts executed by the tenants. Of particular interest are the letterbooks and accounts that document the role of slaves on the plantation, sale of slaves by the Jesuits, subsequent payments upon the mortgages taken by Governor Henry Johnson and Dr. Jesse Batey for their purchases in 1835 and 1838. These records also document the debts and payments of the sharecroppers on the farms, the commercial decline of agriculture in Maryland, the impact of emancipation upon the labor relations, and the dependence of Jesuit institutions upon these farms.

The records consist mostly of financial ledgers of various types: monthly and annual statements, daybooks and cashbooks, and account books from residences in the Southern Maryland chapter; correspondence; and contracts.

Provincial Procurator
Francis Neale (1809-1818)
John McElroy (1819-August 1820)
Adam Marshall (August 22, 1820-September 26, 1824
Francis Dzierozynski (September 27, 1824-November 1833)
Francis Vespre (1834-November 7, 1846)
Ignatius Combs (November 8, 1846-September 11, 1850)
Jacob Curley (September 12, 1850-July 30, 1860)
Jacob Ward (July 31, 1860-September 30, 1861)
Charles Stonestreet (October 1, 1861-November 24, 1864
Michael O’Connor (November 25, 1864-1871)
Charles C. Lancaster (1872-April 2, 1883)*
Thomas H. Hays – April 6, 1883-September 4, 1888
Charles H. Heichemer – September 4, 1888-October 23, 1893
John A. Chester – 1893-November 13, 1903
Joseph Zwinge – 1903-July 18, 1921
McGivney – July 18, 1921-April 14, 1934
Francis A. Breen – July 31, 1934-August 11, 1939
Charles A. Kleinmeyer – August 11, 1939-

*Assisted “off and on until death” by Charles Heichmer until June 29, 1876 and Thomas H. Hayes from September 11, 1877


  • 1705-1955

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