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Box 18


Contains 25 Collections and/or Records:

ID-29a: Written Exams, 1939 -1947

 File — Box: 18, Folder: 312
Scope and Contents Examination questions on history, theology, canon law, Rites, archaeology, patristics, and scripture.

ID-30b: Statuta Facultata Theologiae et Philosophiae, 1934

 Item — Box: 18, Folder: 321
Scope and Contents Statues for the faculty of theology and philosophy at Woodstock College.

ID-30c-d: c) M.A. Degrees, 1937-1953. d) Woodstock-Georgetown Agreement re. Awarding of Degrees, 1935., 1935 - 1953

 Item — Box: 18, Folder: 322-323
Scope and Contents Correspondence and documentation related to the masters degree program at Woodstock College, and it's integration with Georgetown.

ID-30e: Papers re the accreditation of Woodstock, 1918-1952

 File — Box: 18, Folder: 324
Scope and Contents Papers and correspondence related to the accreditation of Woodstock College.

ID-30f: Papers re Jesuit Educational Association, 1938-1941

 File — Box: 18, Folder: 325
Scope and Contents Documents related to the Jesuit Educational Association

ID-30g: Special Schedules, 1947-1955. , 1947-1955

 File — Box: 18, Folder: 326
Scope and Contents Correspondence regarding the Woodrow Wilson fellowship, Danforth Teacher Grants, list of graduates holding doctorates from 1936-1955, special schedules.

ID-31a: Summer School, 1956-1962

 File — Box: 18, Folder: 331
Scope and Contents Correspondence and material related to the summer session.

ID-31h-j: h) Misc. Papers re. Philosophy Curriculum, etc., 1946-50. i) Papers re M.A. in Teaching, 1923-42. j) Recommendations for Status and Special Studies, 1939-40 (Philosophate)., 1923 - 1950

 File — Box: 18, Folder: 339-341
Scope and Contents Correspondence and material related to course schedules, meeting minutes for the prefects of studies meeting on pedagogy, grading, etc.

ID-32a: Papers re Revision of the Ratio Studiorum, 1948

 File — Box: 18, Folder: 342
Scope and Contents Correspondence and documentation on revision of the ratio.

ID-29b: Casus Conscientiae (Cases of Conscience), 1957-1961

 File — Box: 18, Folder: 313
Scope and Contents Cases of conscience, exam questions regarding confession questions.

ID-29c: Circles, 1948-1960

 File — Box: 18, Folder: 314
Scope and Contents List of students in groups or "circles."

ID-29d: Exceritationes (exercises) , 1934-1940

 File — Box: 18, Folder: 315
Scope and Contents Lists of students and classes that were held in addition to the theology long and short courses, called exercitationes.

ID-29e: Kalendarium, 1914-1926

 File — Box: 18, Folder: 316

ID-29g: .Biennium at Woodstock , 1940-1950

 File — Box: 18, Folder: 318
Scope and Contents Transcipts for various Woodstock students

ID-29h: Biennium in Rome, 1928

 File — Box: 18, Folder: 319
Scope and Contents Correspondence and notes on the biennium in Rome.

ID-30h: Papers re G.I. Bill, 1947-1956

 File — Box: 18, Folder: 327
Scope and Contents Correspondence related to the G.I. Bill and selective service.