Georgetown University Archival Resources

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  • Bioethics Research Library Archives

    Resources for the Archival and Special Collections of the Bioethics Research Library, including bioethics commission and committee records, personal papers, and rare material from the world of bioethics.

  • Georgetown University Archives

    Records of research, administrative, or historic value that document Georgetown University activities, functions, decisions, policies and programs, student life, or campus development.

  • Georgetown University Manuscripts

    Records of historic value encompassing personal papers, organizational archives, literary manuscripts, oral histories, photographic and other media collections, and ephemera collected at Georgetown for research use.

  • Georgetown University Rare Books

    Holds many editions of modern, early, and rare texts - with a strong emphasis on materials relating to American, Continental, and English history and literature. We support existing research areas and anticipate emerging and future research trends.

  • Woodstock Theological Center Library Archives

    Contains finding aids for the Jesuit Woodstock College archives (1870-1974 (-2011)) and an expanding collection of digitized Reformation/Counter-Reformation monographs owned by the Maryland-New York Jesuit provinces.